Design Principles#

Brick is an ontology-based metadata schema that captures the entities and relationships necessary for effective representations of buildings and their subsystems. Brick describes buildings in a machine readable format to enable programmatic exploration of different operational, structural and functional facets of a building.

Design Principles#

Brick adheres to the following design principles:

  • Completeness: A schema should represent all the information (such as a sensor’s location, type, etc.) required by building applications.

  • Expressivity: A schema should capture the diverse family of entities and relationships between them that are present in a building’s BMS and expressed in canonical energy-, operations- and management-oriented applications and scenarios.

  • Usability: A schema should be not too complex for users to easily understand and use.

  • Consistency: A schema should be able to enforce consistency in modeling processes across different users.

  • Extensibility: A schema should be easily extensible to cover new concepts in a consistent way.